How to Spot a Fake Autograph

The Autograph Auction is an organization that provides autographed items for charity fundraisers. Each signing is witnessed by The Autograph Auction, which ensures 100 percent authenticity.

Fake autographs flood the memorabilia market, and forgeries are often difficult to spot. It takes a trained eye to tell a fake, and there are certain techniques that one can use to spot a fake. A side-by-side comparison is the best way, but it is also important to note that many individuals have different types of signatures, and that their signature often changes over time.

People have natural tendencies that do not change, mainly the spacing between each letter. The best way to spot a fake is looking at shapes that form between the spaces, which are very difficult to copy. In addition, the start and stop lines are a great way to determine authenticity. Most signatures are barely readable, but individuals always start and stop in the same place. When comparing autographs side-by-side, pay close attention to the start and stop lines.