Space Signatures Heat Up the Autograph Market

The Autograph Auction offers a full spectrum of signatures from celebrities in areas such as film, sports, politics, and the arts. The Autograph Auction takes pride in offering 100 percent authentic pieces that reflect current trends in collecting. One rapidly expanding area of investment interest within the industry is space signatures.

Reflecting inherent scarcity, signed pieces of key figures in space history have long attracted interest and correspondingly high prices. Over the past 12 years, Neil Armstrong‘s autograph has risen in value by an average of nearly 23 percent each year. With the 50th anniversary of his 1969 moon landing approaching, collector interest is expected to reach a historic high in the next few years. Similarly, a full set of Apollo 11 crew signatures has more than quintupled in value since 2000 to a current price of $17,500, while a set of signatures from the 12 astronauts who walked on the moon fetches more than $25,000. In October 2013, a new record was achieved with the sale of an Apollo 11 space-flown autographed flag for nearly $72,000 at the Heritage Auction-sponsored Space Exploration Signature Auction in Texas.