About The Autograph Auction

At The Autograph Auction, bidders can vie online for signed collectibles and memorabilia from a number of their favorite celebrities. The company offers several options for bidding, including “up to,” “limit,” “ceiling,” or “max” bids, through which bidders can set a limit beyond which they do not wish to go and let The Autograph Auction bid on their behalf until that limit is reached. Bidders also have the option of entering “straight” or “absolute” bids. All bidding at the site, whether max bid or straight, occurs in 10% increments.

The Autograph Auction takes the authenticity of its items very seriously. All of its signatures are gathered in person by a member of its staff. The approach allows the company to ensure that everything it sells has been authentically sourced. The business also affixes numbered foil holograms to its signed pictures and ships each of its collectibles with a certificate of authenticity.

Registration is free at The Autograph Auction. The company offers a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. For more information, visit TheAutographAuction.com.


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